Thursday , June 27, 6-8PM Brooklyn Public Library, Sheepshead Bay Branch

2636 E 14th, Brooklyn, New York 11235

Ukrainian Village Voices presented "Songs for Celebration!" a FREE and dynamic vocal workshop in traditional polyphonic harmony singing from the villages of Ukraine.

In this special workshop, members of UVV taught ritualistic and celebratory songs for weddings, the summer solstice, and more. As we transition from the buds of spring to the full blooms of summer, we rejoice through song for all that the earth and life gives us.

This was an event for all ages and any singing experience.


Kupala: Songs, rituals & solstice magic!

Saturday, June 22, 6-10PM Bethlehem, PA

Ivana Kupala (Івана Купала) is the celebration of the summer solstice in Eastern Europe. It connects pre-Christian pagan fertility rites with the Christian feast of St. John the Baptist, hence the name Ivana Kupala (John bathing). Ukraine, in particular, has a litany of rituals and songs that are shared and sung on this supernatural night.

On this night we sang together and taught songs in conjunction with their respective ritual acts such as wreath-weaving, bonfire-leaping, dancing, and more! It was an unforgettable night!

UVV was absolutely thrilled to lead this celebration at a secret location in Bethlehem, PA.


Traditional Polyphony of Central & Eastern Ukraine with Marichka Marczyk

Saturday, May 4, 6:30-8:30PM Playwrights Rehearsal Studios
440 Lafayette St. (between Astor Pl. and East 4th St.), NYC

We learned incredible lyrical Ukrainian love songs in the traditional polyphonic style of central and eastern Ukraine. Marichka has spent years traveling on expeditions to record songs from the oldest villagers for posterity. These songs are over a hundred years old and have tremendous power, as they are derived from very emotional, heartbroken personal stories. Marichka focused on teaching us beautiful and challenging multi-part harmonies.

About this workshop leader:

Marichka is a musician, folklorist, historian of classical Eastern European music, singer, teacher, journalist, and civil-activist. She created the folk opera Zemlya/Earth, directs the Kalendar folk group in Toronto, sings in Lemon Bucket Orkestra, and is a musician in and co-creator of Balaklava Blues. Marichka was also the co-creator of and singer in Kyiv's national folk ensemble Bozhychi with whom she traveled to rural villages across Ukraine, recording the old songs for posterity. She has performed at countless festivals around the world, and received several prestigious nominations and awards, including Amnesty International's Freedom of Expression Award for her co-creator and musical director role in Counting Sheep: A Ukrainian Folk Opera.


Ukrainian Spring Songs
for Kids

UVV Singers

Sunday, April 14, 1-3PM Jalopy Theatre & School of Music
315 Columbia St., Brooklyn NYC

As we celebrated the first signs of spring, Ukrainian Village Voices did a Children’s Vocal Workshop featuring Ukrainian spring songs called vesnianky. For thousands of years, these joyous, playful songs have been sung in open, outdoor spaces to bring blessings and encourage the new season to flourish. Members of UVV taught a small group of 5-6 year old children simple Ukrainian spring melodies in a fun-filled workshop that included props, costumes, games, and movement.

Together, we called for fresh green grass, blooming flowers, budding trees, and warm weather!




Eva Salina

Deconstructing Ukrainian Traditional Singing Techniques

Sunday, March 31, 4:30-6:30PM Playwrights Rehearsal Studios, Room 3D
440 Lafayette St. (between Astor Pl. and East 4th St.), NYC

In this workshop, Eva Salina will delved into adaptive technique for singers interested in exploring a variety of sounds and textures by using fragments of songs from the various repertoires of Poltava and Polissia.

This was not a song-learning workshopInstead, emphasis was placed on healthy, sustainable, and comfortable ways to sing Ukrainian village songs without strain or injury. Our time together was spent cultivating a broader spectrum of timbres in our individual voices as well as in our ensemble singing, and will include small group and individual work. Rather than aiming for “one ideal sound”, we focused on how language and vocal placement can enhance the sound of our unique voices within the parameters of Ukrainian singing styles. 

About this workshop leader:

Eva Salina is a seasoned, passionate, and effective vocal instructor adept at modeling and deconstructing traditional singing styles from both a technical (functional) and culturally-specific aesthetic perspective. Eva has spent 28 years immersed in a variety of Slavic musical traditions and cultures. With particular expertise in Balkan vocal traditions, she has also participated in Ukrainian vocal traditions over the last 18 years. Traveling in Ukraine with Mariana Sadovska in 2005 on a musical research trip, Eva visited and studied with the legendary singers of Kriachkivka, Stari Koni, Svarytsevychi, Havronshchyna, and others. In 2011, as one of the singers in Ensemble Hilka, Eva studied intensively with acclaimed ethnomusicologist Yevhen Yefremov. Eva has also learned a great deal about Ukrainian music from Maria Sonevytsky, her collaborator in Zozulka Trio, and continues to engage with Ukrainian traditions with her good friends of Kosa Kolektiv at Folk Camp Canada. Eva tours as a duo with accordionist Peter Stan, and is musical director of The Jalopy Chorus, in addition to her ongoing work with various vocal ensembles and workshops in NYC and abroad. For more information about Eva: www.evasalina.com.