Are you a singer that is moved by this music? Consider joining our folk collective!

  • You will learn songs within a wonderful community and have direction in traditional Ukrainian village singing.
  • There is no fee to sing with us and active UVV members attend our vocal workshops for free. 
  • We have a solid group of singers, an ever-growing repertoire, and opportunities for performance, training, and also singing in nature (especially during our annual retreats).


We encourage Ukrainian speakers to join, but no Ukrainian-language ability is necessary to sing with us. Our song lyric sheets are written in Cyrillic (Ukrainian) as well as in English transliteration, which anyone can learn to read with a little practice.


We have a few policies in place to ensure that we are ever moving onwards and upwards.

Time Commitment

  • We have two seasons per year, and you may join at the beginning of either one. The fall season runs from early September to mid January, and the spring season starts at the beginning of February and lasts until late May (with an optional extension through mid June).
  • Attendance policy: Please be able to commit to weekly rehearsals and plan to miss no more than 3 rehearsals in a season. Your commitment is vital in creating high performance quality and a cohesive community. Our Tuesday night rehearsals take place in the East Village, 6:30-8:30PM. We may schedule extra rehearsals ahead of time before performances.
  • Our fall 2018 season will commence on Tuesday, September 11! Send a message through this site for location details.


  • After about a month at the beginning of each season, we will hold a short audition for each new singer with songs we have been learning together.
  • UVV singers returning after a hiatus are required to audition as well.
  • We have both a large choir, and a smaller ensemble within the choir. Invitations to this smaller group are extended based on auditions, need, and your history with UVV.

All voices and all levels of experience are welcome.


Inspired by Ukrainian village music and want to be an active member of our vibrant music community?