We are grateful for the support of City and State grantors that assist us in bringing cultural events to the public, specifically our vocal workshops. Ukrainian Village Voices has received yearly New York State Council on the Arts grants since 2014 and yearly "Creative Engagement" grants from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council since 2015. We are excited to continue to bring unique cultural experiences to New Yorkers and all interested communities!


Kosa Kolektiv:

About UVV Performances:

  • The unaccompanied song resonated in the heart of the church. Voices belted out minor melodies with a guttural bottom, the dark tones matching the barely lit sanctuary of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, already starting to fill with an audience for the ninth annual Brooklyn Folk Festival. - The Old-Time Herald

  • Here, the 13 voices explored a range of vocalizations, changing tempos and dynamics, at times a celestial choir and then raw power, their fluid harmonies reaching a pinnacle of vocal performance. - The Ukrainian Weekly

  • Святкову частину продовжив гурт Ukrainian Village Voices - один з найколоритніших виконавців етнічної української музики. Й знову ж таки, що особливо щемно, більшість з них - це не українці, а люди, які не володіють українською мовою, але зачаровані мелодійністою нашого народного співу. Translation: Continuing the festivities was Ukrainian Village Voices, one of the most colorful performers of ethnic Ukrainian music. And what is especially moving is that most of them are not Ukrainian, but people who do not speak Ukrainian yet are enchanted by the melodicity of our folk singing. - Nova Gazeta

  • The Brooklyn Folk Festival feels like an unexpected haven for folk’s weirder, wilder, more diverse, and more provocative strains. It offers its own definition of the form. … The weekend will also feature … Ukrainian Village Voices. - The New Yorker

  • Ukrainian Village Voices sang folk songs of that land in spine-tingling harmony. - Brooklyn Heights Blog

  • Standing in the wings are the Ukrainian Village Voices, who sing the old songs in the traditional village style. They are absofreakintively fantastic! - EV Grieve commentary

  • The group announced they’d be caroling door-to-door to celebrate Koliada, an ancient pagan tradition in Ukraine, so I invited them over. - Public Radio International

  • З фольклорними піснями автентичними здебільшого для центральної та східної України виступили ,,Українські Сільські Голоси” (Ukrainian Village Voices). До слова, цей унікальний ансамбль, більшість учасників котрого не є україномовними, збирається цьогоріч вперше особисто відвідати старожилів із віддалених українських сіл, котрі знають і співають маловідомі народні пісні, щоб традиція українського фольклорного співу залишалася живою. - Cвобода

About the UVV Album:

About UVV Workshops:

  • A Ukrainian-language article about our vocal workshop at Sheepshead Bay Library

  • "Singing together is something we used to do all the time, and at some point we stopped doing it," says Nadia Tarnawsky, who flew from Seattle to New York to lead a folk music workshop. "I think people miss it." - Voices of NY

  • The event had the two musicians drawing on their repertoire of Ukrainian folk and liturgical music, Yiddish folk music and Hassidic music. - The Ukrainian Weekly

  • Ukrainian singing instruction and vocal workshops were also offered by Laryssa Czebiniak of the New York-based vocal group Ukrainian Village Voices. - The Ukrainian Weekly


Ukrainian Village Voices is supported in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and Creative Engagement supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and NYSCA and administered by LMCC. LMCC serves, connects and makes space for artists and community.