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Recording and mixing by Mark Ettinger & Jefferson Hamer at Lethe Lounge, New York, NY. Mastering by Don Fierro of Jalopy Records. Musical direction & production by Brian Dolphin. Album art & design by Oksana Hawrylak. 

© 2018 Ukrainian Village Voices. Released May 5, 2018. © All Rights Reserved. Buy the album on Bandcamp.


Soloist: Natalie Oshukany Ukrainian Village Voices at Brooklyn Folk Festival April 28, 2017
We gathered with Kosa Kolektiv at the wonderful Halyna Shepko's in New Paltz for an early summer celebration of Rusalniy week and Ivana Kupala. Connection with nature (and a certain turkey), merriment and learning/teaching of songs ensued! We are grateful to have such song, traditions and people with whom to celebrate!