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Buy the CD or digital album on Bandcamp or download on Amazon.

Recording and mixing by Mark Ettinger & Jefferson Hamer at Lethe Lounge, New York, NY. Mastering by Don Fierro of Jalopy Records. Musical direction & production by Brian Dolphin. Album art & design by Oksana Hawrylak. 

© 2018 Ukrainian Village Voices. Released May 5, 2018. © All Rights Reserved.


A humorous song. A woman is having an affair with her child's godfather and, when her husband comes home from working in the fields, she hides the godfather in a big, Ukrainian-style oven, much to the confusion of her children: The children cry, "Father! Something is in our oven. Help us get it!"

A lyrical song about love and town gossip. A woman asks the grey-winged eagle: "Where is my beloved?" He is working at the metal factory, pouring copper tubes. Despite rumours about this woman, her beloved intends to marry her: Oh, word of this spread throughout the land / About the girl without a family / But I am not afraid of that gossip / I will marry this girl.
A silly song about buckwheat planting, harvesting, milling, then sharing of baked buckwheat delights with the entire gathered family. The refrain is a play on female names and also mentions a man who loved a frilly gal. This is a type of song that was created on the spot - the lyrics were inspired by what you see around you.
This is a lyrical song about an unmarried widow who abandons her young boys by a river, asking the reeds and sand to care for her sons. The song begins poetically: What sort of willow was it, without roots and without a top?
This wedding song is sung by women while the groom walks to his bride's house the morning of their wedding: Oh in the meadow and on the shore Vasylko is mowing the grass there. He brings the grass to a crow-black horse and says, "Eat the green grass, oh horse, and bring me a young woman, white and rosy-Halynochka, my beloved."
A silly song about a woman who regrets declining a marriage proposal from the priest's son: The priest's son asked me to marry him - he was giving me seven oxen. Oh, I thought and thought - I won't accept, I thought. He was giving me seven oxen.

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